Alert Manager

Stay Safe and Informed With First National’s Free Alert Manager

Woman reads a text messageWith First National’s free Alert Manager, it is easy to monitor your account and protect yourself against fraud with email or text message* notifications.

With so many companies, like Target, announcing that the confidentiality of your personal information has been compromised, Alert Manager will send you transaction information as soon as it happens, allowing you to quickly note any unauthorized activity on your account.

Conveniently managed through online banking, Alert Manager is available for First National’s personal checking accounts, savings accounts and loans.

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Alerts available for your checking account:

  • Any account activity
  • Low balance
  • Daily account balance
  • Transaction posted less than $
  • Transaction posted more than $
  • Deposit made
  • Debit made
  • Payment to First Reserve
  • First Reserve advance

Alerts available for your savings account:

  • Any deposit activity
  • Any withdrawal activity

Alert available for your loan account:

  • Advance on loan


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Get started today by logging in to your online banking account. Click on “My Alerts” to activate your alerts.

For step-by-step instructions on getting started, please reference our start-up guide.

*To receive text alerts, you must sign up for First National’s Mobile Banking product.

Looking for business account alerts? Click here.