SBA 7(a) and Express Checklist

Begin the SBA loan application process today by collecting the information listed below.

1. Download and fill out the Application for Business Loan – SBA Form 4.

2. Download and complete the Statement of Personal History – SBA Form 912.

3. Download and complete  the Personal Financial Statement РSBA Form 413.

4. Compile a detailed, signed balance sheet and Profit and Loss (P&L) statement. Statements (current within 90 days of application) and the last three (3) fiscal years Supplementary Schedules are required on Current Financial Statements.

5. Provide a detailed three (3) year projection of income and finances (attach a written explanation as to how you expect to achieve this projection).

6. Provide a list of names and addresses of any subsidiaries and affiliates.

7. Complete a Certificate of Doing Business and provide articles and bylaws of incorporation.

8. Signed business federal income tax returns for previous three (3) years.

9. Signed personal federal income tax returns of principals for the previous three (3) years.

10. Fill out a Personal Resume for each principal.

11. Draft a brief history of the business and its problems. Include an explanation of why the SBA loan is needed and how it will help the business.

12. Copy of business lease (or note form landlord) giving terms of proposed lease.

13. If you’re purchasing an existing business please provide the following:

  • Current balance sheet and P&L statement of business to be purchased.
  • Previous two (2) years federal income tax returns of the business.
  • Proposed Bill of Sale including Terms of Sale.
  • Asking price with schedule of 1) Inventory; 2) Machinery and equipment; 3) Furniture and fixtures.