SBA 504 Checklist

Begin the SBA loan application process today by collecting the information listed below.

1. Complete the Project Profile form.

2. Provide a copy of your purchase agreement (if applicable).

3. Provide a copy of your construction bid (if applicable).

4. Provide a list of equipment quotes.

5. Fill out the History & Nature of Business form.

6. Collect the previous two (2) years financial statements and corporate tax returns.

7. Fill out the Tax Transcript Request (SBA Form 4506).

8. Compile an interim financial statement (include aging of A/R and A/P).

9. Complete the Two Year Proforma Income Statement.

10. Complete a Debt Schedule.

11. Fill out the Personal Questionnaire.

12. Complete the Statement of Personal History (SBA Form 912).

13. Complete the Personal Financial Statement (SBA Form 413)

14. Provide your most recent personal tax return.

15. Complete the Resume form.

16. Collect corporate organizational documents for borrowing entity and operating company.

17. Provide a schedule of previous or existing SBA loans.

18. Affiliate or subsidiary companies must include two (2) years financial statements and tax returns and number of employees.

19. Provide a copy of your franchise agreement (if applicable).

18. New or start-up business must provide a detailed business plan that includes monthly cash flow analysis for three (2) months beyond breakeven or at least 12 months.

19. Provide a copy of your lease (Lease Guidelines).