Rapid Remote Deposit

Bank deposits on your schedule, 24 hours a day!

Rapid Remote Deposit offers First National business customers the ultimate in convenience. With an Internet connection and an easy-to-use check-scanning machine, you’ll be able to deposit checks electronically when it’s most convenient for you. And, you’ll have access to your funds faster than ever before.

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One of the check-scanning machines available to Rapid Remote Deposit customers.

Remote deposit creates an efficient check-depositing
process by:

  • Eliminating time-consuming trips to the bank
  • Allowing you immediate access to electronic scans of each check
  • Offering seamless integration with accounting software and online banking
  • Posting same-day credit to your account for scans sent by 4 p.m.

This affordable, easy-to-use solution is perfect for business customers who:

  • Want a more efficient use of their employees’ time
  • Want to expedite the availability of their funds
  • Process numerous checks per month

How it Works

1. Connect your check scanner to a computer with Internet access.
2. Electronically deposit your funds by placing a check in the feed tray.
3. The machine scans your check and sends an electronic record to First National.
4. You’re done – funds will be posted to your account on the same day.*

Get started by contacting one of our business bankers today!

*Note: this only applies for scans sent by 4 p.m.