Certificates of Deposit

A certificate of deposit is a great short-term savings tool. With terms that vary from three months to 60 months, there’s sure to be a solution for you. First National Bank of Northfield is proud to offer competitive rates for its certificates of deposits, including a 9-month special and 16-month special.

Stacked CoinsBump Your Rates!

Don’t lock yourself in – get a “Bump Your Rate” CD and have the flexibility to raise your rate. The 36- and 60-month CDs from First National allow you to “Bump Your Rate” one time during the term of the certificate. Stop in our Downtown or South location to learn more and open an account.

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Current Rates

If you’d like to print our chart of the current rates, click here.

Deposit Term Minimum Balance* Interest Rate Compounded APY**
3 Months $1,000 0.25% Simple 0.25%
6 Months $1,000 0.50% Simple 0.50%
12 Months $1,000 0.85% Quarterly 0.85%
18 Months $1,000 1.00% Quarterly 1.00%
30 Months $1,000 1.30% Quarterly 1.31%
36 Months+ $1,000 1.35% Quarterly 1.36%
48 Months $1,000 1.60% Quarterly 1.61%
60 Months+ $1,000 2.00% Quarterly 2.02%
9-Month Special $5,000 0.65% Quarterly 0.65%
16-Month Special $5,000 0.85% Quarterly 0.85%
+ You will have the ability to “Bump Your Rate” one time, only, during the original term of the certificate. After original maturity, the CD will automatically renew for another term, but with no “bump up” feature. Interest is calculated on the daily ledger balance. The annual percentage yield is based on an assumption that interest will remain in the account until maturity. A withdrawal of interest will reduce earnings.

* The minimum balance required to open an account and obtain the annual percentage yield stated.

** Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Annual percentage yields are accurate as of today’s date. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. (12 months and under = 6 months of interest; over 12 month term = 12 months of interest